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Scope Of Services

Starting your project

Market Research

Your center is still only an idea…, We can propose to you a market research & opportunity study

This study allows the analysis of your project (before any investment) and will help you decide if your project is valid or to modify certain elements; it comprises:

  • a visit of your site if it exists
  • the study of your potential competitors
  • market research & economic opportunity study of your project with the handing in of a summarized report
  • a simplified budget forecast

Preliminary Studies

This phase which gives you a complete idea of your project from a marketing approach as much as from a technical & architectural one includes an estimated financial study.

The whole in a general concept form including:

  • marketing positioning of you project: price, competitors, marketing & communication
  • overall distribution of space with areas & volume in plan layout
  • analysis of the clients movement including disabled accessibility & fire escape
  • selection & positioning of the different treatments and activities
  • analysis of the technical feasibility
  • estimations of investment budget & operating budget

Details Studies

This phase allows the study of your project in its details in partnership with your teams (architect & engineering department)

Realization of the detailed layout plans of the whole project:

  • layout of the treatment rooms & their equipments
  • layout of the different common areas
  • setting up of lighting & electrical equipement
  • watertightness recommandations

Recommendations on material to use according to the dry or wet areas

Technical principles:

  • summarized description of the technical installation of the project
  • study of water & electrical requirements of the treatment areas
  • schematic installation layouts of the treatments technical elements
  • schematic layouts of the pools integrated to your project & their technical areas
  • organization & installation layout of the pool different activities
  • equipment recommendation for the technical part

Treatments equipments:

  • analysis of the requirements for the treatments equipments
  • description of the treatments equipments (technical characteristics & prices)
  • plans for connection of the treatments equipments selected

Decoration assistance, choice of ambience, materials & Lighting

Detailed financial forecast over 5 years

Managing your project

Soft Opening

Post The construction of your project will be soon completed, we also intervene to assist you during the preparation for the soft opening on the following points:

  • treatments: selection of treatment for protocols & development of a price list of the various treatments & additional programs
  • marketing: identification of marketing channels & creation of a Marketing Action Plan
  • organization of the center: setting up of the management procedures, creation of the post identification cards
  • recruitment: study of the profiles to be selected & setting up of a detailed functional flow chart
  • data processing: assistance for the selection of the computer software for the treatments planning & its configuration
  • ltraining: face & body treatments, hydrotherapy, specific aesthetic treatments, massages & training of the different departments managers for the center organization
  • Présence à l’ouverture pour la mise en place des équipes techniques & de soins
    control of the current organization on:
    • the treatment & management procedures
    • the consistency & the quality of the treatment protocols
    • the management & planning software
    • the global organization in relation with the team & the management staff

Post Opening

We can propose to you to carry on our assistance to your project management with a consultant on your site in order to help you with:

Recruitment: with session of recruitment (interviews of the people selected)

Control of the current organization, focuses on management & organization of the treatment protocols:

  • procedures of treatments & management
  • consistency & quality of the care
  • planning configuration
  • checking of planning & management software
  • general organization with consultation of each service

Management reporting on site after opening including:

  • general visit of the center
  • quality control of the treatment protocols consistency & quality
  • quality control of treatments & management procedures
  • quality control of the planning configuration
  • optimization of the planning & management software
  • quality control of the general organization

We can also offer you a management assistance contract.

Other type of assistance


Your centrer is already open… but you wish to know the elements to be improved and thus optimze its performance…

We can propose you an Audit which will allow the analysis of the condition in which an original concept can be set but also the analysis of the operational & commercial management of your center.

We will go through the different areas of your center in order to analyze & establish a precise diagnosis of the following elements:

  • marketing
  • interior design
  • technical elements
  • financial part
  • the reception & reservations
  • commercial approach
  • the organization of the center & the treatment planning
  • management & procedures


You need to improve the performances of your team…, think of our training sessions

We ensure directly in your center and/or our office the training of your teams for:

  • the reception & sales
  • the basis of the Spa Manager’s role
  • massages of the world

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